Korea Na or Koreana

January 24, 2010


Following up from our post on June 18, 2008, we had a chance to visit Koreana again with our friend T., who happens to be Korean. We were excited to have her help in ordering off the menu for us.


One of my favorite things about Korean food are the multitude of side dishes… kimchi, beans, vegetables, tofu… the tiny fried fish, I can do without. T. and the owner talked back and forth for a bit in Korean and before we knew it, little plates began covering our table.


The ownership of Koreana switched at some point since our last post, and that switch has brought some improvements. The menu is more robust (offering table-side cooking), the atmosphere is killer with hand-made custom woodwork throughout, and the new owner is really fantastic. Not sure what to order? Tell him what you like, don’t like, and he’ll sort it out for you.


I’m a big fan of the kimchi soup, full of great veggies, tofu, and pork. Flavorful Korean food, Asian beers, and an ever-evolving atmosphere all equals one of our newest faves in Toledo’s dining repertoire.

Koreana | 536 South Reynolds Road | (419) 535-6666

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