Calvino’s part Deux

January 24, 2010


We met up with J. & A. and some new friends at Calvino’s this week for a celebratory dinner. J. & A. had just come off a 3-day fast… and if you haven’t enjoyed real food for a few days this was a fantastic way to bring back the yum.

D. and I arrived early and bought a bottle from the wine shop next door with the silly name “Got Wine”. The prices were really great, so great that a corking charge of $10 to bring upstairs wasn’t outrageous (considering bottle prices at most restaurants). But we will have to go back and pick up wine for home.

The group all ordered individual pizzas and shared. I got the white pizza, one of my faves, and D. made his own with red sauce, ricotta, jalapenos, and red bell peppers. I need to remember that D.’s the best. Hands down. We also shared more bottles of wine. It was a top notch night in Toledo.

Calvino’s | 3143 W Central Ave | Cricket West | (419) 531-5100

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