The 577 Foundation

March 10, 2009


Sunday afternoon was much like today: dreary, damp and cold. But inside the Buckminster Fuller dome at The 577 Foundation it was warm, colorful and full of life.


We had signed up for a gardening class–which was very well attended. The woman leading the class mentioned an increased demand for vegetable gardening classes due to the economy. It was a helpful session with many of our questions answered, including answers to questions I wouldn’t have conceived on my own. We are hoping to improve upon our gardening efforts of last year.


After the class we wandered about the grounds a little. Oh, how I wish the Old West End Historic Board would allow us to build a dome like this in our yard. It was a welcome respite from the cold, wet weather.

577 Foundation | 577 East Front St. in Perrysburg | (419) 874-4174

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