Dan Hernandez at Madhouse Gallery

May 7, 2009


While I was in the garden today D. attended an opening for new works of Dan Hernandez at that Madhouse gallery. He’s kindly written the below for us:


Tonight I swung by Mad House’s new gallery (in uptown) for Dan Hernandez’s opening. They are showcasing his recent works.


I’m constantly blown away by the artistic output of Toledoans and it’s always exciting to discover new artists. I first saw Dan’s work at Artomatic 419, and was excited to see more.


This show is not to be missed! Hernandez mixes pop culture on so many levels–it’s an inspiration to see someone local making work very suitable for a national stage.


Do yourself a favor and check out Mad House’s new spot. They are a fantastic design agency that has truly invested in Toledo. Their new gallery is instantly one of the best in the city and they deserve your support!


Thank you, D., for the post! And thanks to Madhouse for creating a great space for local art of note.

Dan Hernandez at Madhouse Gallery | 1215 Jackson Street | (419) 873-0538

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