Frog Leg Inn

December 2, 2008

My favorite cuisine is French. Hands down. But in Toledo that’s not the easy to come by. Fifi’s is close but according to Fifi herself, her restaurant is “continental”.

Eating a dish called “margarita”-something isn’t exactly French either. But it was crazy good. I’ve had my share of great food here and decided to go out on a limb during my last visit. Yay for me. D. ordered some sort of a scallops dish and couldn’t stop raving about it. This is all coming from resident chefs Tad and Jeremiah (the latter being an ex-chef from Manhattans in Uptown Toledo).

A bottle of Pelee Island Pinot at a totally reasonable price is a good way to start dinner. When ordering be sure to ask for the “house” salad dressing. The first time we visited, we left with a pint(!) of the house dressing because I wouldn’t leave without it. So freaking good.

Anyhoo, the menu is pretty much proper French fare with adventurous specials. It’s also easy on the wallet, easy as it would be the same cost as some of those crappy chain restaurants that are unfortunately packed on a Friday. Keep it local ($$$), people!

Frog Leg Inn | 2103 Manhattan St | Erie, MI 48133 | (734) 848-8580

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