Paddle Boats on the Maumee

June 22, 2008

Friday afternoon I happened upon news that the Paddle Boats on the Maumee were scheduled to start that day. I briskly walked ran into D.’s office and asked/pleaded/begged that we go. It didn’t take much because he was just as excited as I, so we biked down to International Park just in time to see Robert Russ, the paddle boat king, setting things up.

The paddling was a bit of a workout (needed) but so much fun. I let D. steer but played my fair share of “backseat” driver. We must go back with more people soon and have a paddleboat race. I was happy my cute moccasins didn’t get wet.

Afterward we talked a bit with Robert who mentioned he had come back to Toledo from California to visit his ill father and ended up stayin — very cool. I think there are plenty of people in town who could use some paddle boat time… and I hope he does well.

Dinner at The Docks was a great end to the night. Cheers!

Think Young Paddle Boats | International Park on the East side of the Maumee

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