I-280 Bridge Gala

June 5, 2008

File under flashbacks: A year ago, on May 24th, we attended the I-280 Bridge Gala/Benefit which was totally awesome. The gala was held on a riverboat that travelled up and down the Maumee, under the new bridge and featured some pretty great fireworks — video from 13ABC here.

I remember my husband talking about the bridge as it was being built and before I moved to Toledo. I thought it was kind of silly that he was so excited about a bridge, until that day.

One of the coolest moments was realizing the construction workers were still on the bridge as we floated under it. There was a lot of waving and cheering back and forth… definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime events. I’ll never forget it. I wish everyone in Toledo was on that boat at that instant.

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