African Safari Wildlife Park

June 3, 2008

This weekend included a drive to Port Clinton for a visit to The African Safari Wildlife Park. It’s one of the parks you drive around, in your own car, and animals come up to your windows to say hello eat snacks (available at the gate). I had never been to one of these parks before and was surprised at how pushy the animals were. It was a lot of fun, even when an elk stuck his whole head inside our car. How much you keep your windows closed would be up to your own comfort levelI had my window all the way up when we came to the buffalo, which were HUGE.

There were all sorts of animals, including zebras, goats, elk. My favorite part was feeding carrots to a giraffe. We had the sunroof closed, thankfully, or that would have been a little awkward. Prepared to get your car messy (inside and out), but there is a strip mall before you turn into the park with a car wash.

tip: bring napkins/wet naps.

African Safari Wildlife Park | 267 S Lightner Rd, Port Clinton | (419) 732-360

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