Brunch at Michael’s

June 22, 2008

One more post for the day because I cannot, in good conscience, disregard our brunch at Michael’s. We stopped in on the way to the Farmer’s Market yesterday for a western omelet (D.’s choice) and a tuna melt for myself. Anyone want my french fries?

As always, everything was great. When we lived downtown, Michael’s was a staple providing random breakfasts, lunches (when we weren’t at Grumpy’s), and the occasional nightcap. It had been much too long since our last visit.

One of my favorite Toledo moments was a breakfast at Michael’s with our out-of-town friends who had come for our wedding reception (pic above). The smiles on our faces as we laughed through mild to heavy (depending on the person) hangovers will never fade in my memory.

Michael’s Bar and Grill | 901 Monroe Street | Corner of Monroe & Michigan

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