Shopping Local

May 17, 2008

Color me corrected. The weather was much warmer this afternoon than I expected.

We spent part of the afternoon shopping for groceries. First stop was The Andersons, where we browsed the trees and plants (we have some tree needs) and picked up vegetables, pasta and more. Next was a totally spur of the moment visit to Sofo Foods Il Mercato, which smelled amazing first step in the door. More veggies were picked up along with a still-warm-from-the-oven loaf of Italian bread. Our last stop was Claudia’s and we left with tofu, seitan, peanut butter that we ground fresh ourselves and some non-toxic cleaning supplies.

What do all three have in common? They’re local. And they aren’t the only local groceries around… so more to come on that.

The Andersons | 4701 Talmadge Road | 419-473-3232

Sofo Foods | 5400 Monroe Street | 419-882-8555

Claudia’s | 5644 Monroe Street | 419-534-3343

ps. I love The Anderson’s logo and their liberal use of Futura (typeface). Well done.

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