Meet & Greet 7

April 25, 2008

One of the first events I attended after moving to Toledo was the Meet & Greet 2. I had no choice; my husband helped organize it. He later told me that he might feel guilty in some way if I didn’t enjoy Toledo and that prompted him to get more involved in the arts community. Sweet, right?

It’s been many Meet & Greets later and I’ve meet some really great people at these events. They happen about twice a year, with a main hub location and several area galleries connected by a bus loop. It’s presented by the Arts Commission and staffed by volunteers. Of course it’s free… and so are the drinks (at least at the main hub). Meet & Greet 7 was in the Davis Building last Friday and it was just as fun as any of the previous M&Gs with live music and a bunch of new faces.

Pictured above are Michael Moriarty (L), owner of the Davis Building and Marc Folk (R), Executive Director of the Arts Commission.

Bookmark and look out for the next event.

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