Bleak House Coffee

November 15, 2012

Who doesn’t like coffee? And who doesn’t like getting coffee from a great downtown spot with adorable baristas? The sweet drawings of suited-up animals on the wall smartly alude to it’s location and the most of the building’s tenants. Think law.

This is how it goes. I walk into Bleak House. I run into friends. And the chit chat commences.

Bleak is a Downtown hotspot in Toledo’s historic Spitzer Building (circa 1896). I have an office in the Spitzer… where I toil away alone… when I’m not toiling away alone at home.¬†This is my refuge/break-time/reminder that there are other people out there. Life exists outside of the office!

While I am usually sucking down an iced Americano, the signature drink at Bleak House is their drip coffee. It’s not your usual quick pour of crap ala Mc Donalds. Every coffee is made one cup at a time. The Toledo City Paper featured them this week… check it out!

And check out Bleak House for yourself. I may bump into you there!

Bleak House Coffee | 520 Madison Ave. | Downtown | (419) 740-1125

Wait… you don’t like coffee? Man. That is some sad stuff.