November 29, 2010


I have been to Fifi’s on special occasions in the past, but it had been a while. Years, to be honest. I recently visited with my good friend J. and was pleasantly surprised. Not at the quality of the food, which has always been top-notch. I was surprised at the prices–they seemed much lower than I remembered. Not low as in cheap, but low enough to compare with some of the “high-end” chains and low enough that the next time someone suggests a chain I will scoff.

J. enjoyed scallops and I absolutely loved the boeuf au fromage (tenderloin medallions topped with semi-melted roquefort cheese). The pâté as an appetizer is a must.

Also, no longer is there a jacket-requirement. And there is a quaint little outdoor smoking patio in the front.

xoxo, Enjoying Toledo.

Update: After decades of great food… Fifi’s is closed.

Fifi’s | 1423 Bernath Parkway (off Airport Highway) | (419) 866-6777 | Reservations recommended – just in case.

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