Pizza Palooza

August 2, 2010


We don’t live in Sylvania and admittedly don’t visit often, except when I get my hair done at Revé (Kristen Comer is great! Also my friend Janelle Jared!), but I read about a pizza competition happening at Centennial Terrace. Lovers of pizza, D. and I fit in a visit despite our busy summer calendar.

Centennial Terrace is very clean, very subdued, and I’ve learned that there is a quarry where you can go swimming. So we’ll be back for another visit. The pizza judging was yummy! My favorite was from a parlor we hadn’t yet visited–Amies Pizza–and it was apparently so for most of the attendees as they won the coveted “Peoples Choice” award. Congrats!

Amies Pizza | 6710 W Central Ave. | (419) 842-8008

Centennial Terrace | 5773 Centennial Rd. | (419) 885-7106

Revé Salon | 5633 Main St. | (419) 885-1140

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