Boyd’s Candy Store

May 27, 2010


Disclaimer: I’m not much into candy. I’m not much into sugar. And, I’m not much into chocolate.

But I am into nostalgia, and as a child I loved all of the above. We’ve passed this “retro candy store” many times but only stopped about a week ago. Recommended. If only for the kind help from the sweetly dressed man who helps you out with your choices and the darling baskets you get to shop with.


I was able to toss out old sweets in my neglected candy dish from Christmas for some watermelon lollypops, licorice, swiss fish, and jelly beans. Almost all of them I haven’t come across since I was a wee lass. ┬áCinnamon toothpicks? Check. Pop Rocks? Check. Chick-O-Stick? Check. Single packaged Swedish Fish (WHAT?). Check. Those spaceship disc shaped pods of peanut-packing-material that contained little balls of sugar? Yeah, check. They even have Sen-Sen and Choward’s scented gum (time to employ the use of Google).


They also have a couple coolers of soda that beer connoisseurs might call “craft” sodas. I picked up a strawberry soda that remains in the fridge–again, I don’t like sugar but maybe, someday, I will try it. More likely though, I will give it to a friend.

Boyd’s Retro Candy Store | 954 Phillips Avenue | (419) 720-7387

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