J&G Pizza Palace

April 28, 2009

Yesterday we shared pizza with our good friend, J. It was pretty great and D. has kindly written the below post for us:


“We love pizza–who doesn’t? You may be surprised to know that up until last night we had yet to try J&G’s pizza. It’s been recommended several times by friends but we just don’t find ourselves in Sylvania often enough. Last night we made an exception, picked up our friend J., and made the short trek to J&G’s for some hot slices. I emphasize the word slices because J&G’s cuts up their pies into small pieces… very small pieces.


The great thing about small pieces is you can try a bunch of different pies without committing to too much pizza. The down-side to small pieces is you can easily lose count and eat way too much pizza.


We’re looking forward to our next visit! The menu offers way more than pizza (like gyros), and the atmosphere is exceptional. Who needs Pizza Hut or Papa John’s when we have locally owned gems like this?”

Not us!

J & G Pizza Palace | 5692 Main St | Sylvania | (419) 882-6061

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