Gus’s Yum Yum

April 16, 2009

We had lunch at Gus’s Yum Yum today and D. kindly wrote this post for us:


“You may have driven by Gus’s YUM YUM many times and never considered stopping by. Or you may be one of those sorts that avoids this part of town all together.


If you’re either of these kinds of people, do yourself a favor and have a meal at Gus’s. We’ve been going for years, and while the atmosphere has changed with owners, the food remains fantastic and complete affordable.


The experience is uniquely YUM YUM’s, and the drive to and from is always an adventure.


Just make sure you bring cash (no credit cards) and your appetite!”

Gus’s Yum Yum | 2419 N Summit St | (419) 726-4171

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