Images of America—Toledo

February 12, 2009

Last year I purchased two Toledo books of note. They are from a series called “Images of America”, Toledo—The 19th Century and The 20th Century. I will quote from the back of the former,

Toledo incorporated in 1837. Its canals, railroads, and natural resources inspired Jesup W. Scott to proclaim Toledo “The Future Great City of the World.” Such boosterism overstated the case, but Toledo did soon attract manufacturers of farm wagons, bicycles, and beer. And in 1888, Edward Drummond Libbey relocated his glass company to the city, creating a catalyst for other glass-manufacturing ventures. Toledo: The 19th Century illustrates the city’s early struggles and eventual success as “The Glass Capital of the World.”

These are more than just “picture books” as I’ve learned quite a bit about Toledo’s notable past by flipping through them in my spare time. It’s a reassuring reminder that although Toledo has struggled from the start, there have always been moments of greatness. Let’s keep them coming.

Amazon Links: “Images of America”, Toledo—The 19th Century & The 20th Century