Winter Hiatus

January 26, 2009

Space 237 Gallery opened thier newest show this Friday titled “Winter Haitus”. What could easily have been muddy grays and sallow-filled paintings were thankfully not. Artworks were brightly hued with invigorating patterns peaking out from the edges. Greg Justus, Kelly Lever, Adam Russell, and Julie Shine Webster are exhibiting work now through February 21st.

Of note are Julie’s wonderful bowls and other ceramic loveliness. There are quite a few “Jules Shine” followers in Toledo, collecting piece by piece wherever they find her work shown. And rightly so! I love her signature use of color… red-oranges and eggshell blue.

“Winter Hiatus” is a great show and worth a visit. Be sure to check it out and don’t miss upcoming Space 237 openings. Coupled with dinner, they make a great date night.

Space 237 Gallery | 237 N. Michigan | (419) 255-5117

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