Koto Buki

January 23, 2009

Is it Kotobuki or Koto Buki? Google wasn’t much help as it seems to be listed in multiple places in both ways. Anyhoo… it’s a great sushi joint in Toledo/Sylvania on Monroe Street.

I got the veggie bento box last night and it was pretty epic. One word of caution though: if you aren’t a fan of wilted greens be careful of the roll in the top right box (covered in peanut sauce). I found it suspect and had D. test it for me. It was cold, cooked spinach—in retrospect it would be great if you smashed it down with the peanut sauce and treated it like a cool smushy salad (again, only if you are a fan of cooked spinach; most people are). Everything else was great… including the mashed potato and veggie pattie thing that was covered in tempura, reminding me of the papa rellena I enjoyed in Miami a few days ago. Yum.

We’ll be back!

Koto Buki | 5577 Monroe St. | (419) 882-8711

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