Koral Hamburg

November 7, 2008

On the way home from from our scenic drive last weekend we stopped in Waterville for a bit to eat. According to D. there had been a Koral Hamburg on River Road when he was younger.

Seems this place has been around a long time, since 1926 in fact. I had high expectations for my burger because you would hope in all those years they would have gotten it right.

And they did. It was a perfect cheeseburger, or should I say cheeseburg? D. took one bite of an onion ring and exclaimed, “This is the best onion ring ever!” We mentioned Koral to a friend the next day and they too said the onion rings at Koral are the greatest… so if you’re a fan of onion rings you know where to go.

Koral Hamburg | 12 North 3rd St. | Waterville | (419) 878-7007

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