Easy Street, Downtown Toledo

November 21, 2008

On the coattails of our visit to LaRoe’s we decided some fried pickles at Easy Street would be a great idea last week. The batter was decidedly on the thick side for some reason, but that made them even more decadent. I’m a big fan of the thick cut slices you get at Packo’s but there’s something to be said of that beautiful spear… the surface to volume ratio allows for more of a crisp pickle taste.

I ordered a cheeseburger as well. Easy Street offers a bunch of things to top your burger off and for some odd reason I chose green olives. Yeah… odd… I ended up pushing them off after a couple bites. Aside from the poor choice of toppings on my end, the burger was great.

Toledo Easy Street | Downtown | 822 Washington St | (419) 255-0010

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