Fall brings apples, pumpkins, more

October 5, 2008

Our friends R. and M. invited us to go apple picking this afternoon, just over the border into Michigan. Visiting an apple orchard/pumpkin patch is something I haven’t done since I was a little kid in CT. and other than the fact I hadn’t lived near an orchard most of my adult life, I have no idea why… it was amazing fun.

I found two beautiful pumpkins that may or may not become horrifying jack-o-lanterns… we’ll see.

We also picked a bag full of apples. Apples of all sorts of color and flavor… all ending up in the same bag so we’ll have no clue how to separate the Golden Delicious from the Granny Smiths, but who cares?

Some of the apples were pretty high up, so R. climbed up a tree and tossed them down to M. At one point D. picked me up (bless his soul) while I picked what I could.

We found a patch of Indian Corn. I’ve never been in a corn field before and they always remind me of scenes from films where people are running through them, like the X-Files or Signs or even worse, Children of the Corn. At one point I wandered past a pumpkin patch and braved an honest to goodness real corn field on my own.

After picking our apples, pumpkins, gourds and indian corn we walked to a big barn and left with some of Erie Orchards famous donuts and cider. The donuts were particularly amazing. Fried dough transcends all borders and culture — no matter who you are or where you’ve come from fried dough is something we can all stand behind.

Erie Orchards and Cider Mills | 1235 Erie Road | Erie, Michigan | (734) 848-4518

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