July 3, 2008

D. took me to Grumpy’s for lunch yesterday. We showed up a little on the late side — lunch ends around 2 — yet still in time to catch Chef Jennifer as she was on her way to the stables (she has a cute pony horse). He had one of their *new* wraps which was yummy (I stole a bite) and I had my favorite… the grilled veggie sandwich on vegetable bread. Grumpy’s was busy, as usual…

Proudly displayed behind the front counter was a totally funny letter from an upset and obviously quite “fragile” someone. Hello! You are eating in an establishment called “Grumpy’s”… the O in the Open sign is a frowny face! What do you not get? The next menu should use choice lines from letters like this as pull quotes.

See, Mitch isn’t grumpy. Thanks for my yummy sammy, Mitch!

The Marc Folk cow, on the other hand, looks a bit sad or rather despondent. Poor cow.

Last notes: Grumpy’s has several great gluten-free lunch options, for those of you who are grain resistant. And for those of you who aren’t gluten-challenged, don’t forget to grab a cookie on your way out.

Grumpy’s | 34 S Huron St. | (419) 241-6728

Disclaimer/Update (Nov. 2010): Grumpy’s was owned by D.’s grandparents, until November 2010 when D. and two of his aunts bought the restaurant and took over the reigns. It’s important that I make that clear so there are no blogging-ethics issues in this post! The food is still great but the ownership is quite a bit less “grumpy.”

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