June 27, 2008

This is our first year attempting to grow our own veggies. I was super inspired by M. down the street who thoughtfully brought us an eggplant last year from her garden. I think she’s got the best garden in the whole Old West End. We are starting out small. Above, middle, is our very first tomato of the 2 plants we have. It’s so tiny and cute.

We are also growing bell peppers, cucumbers (which seem to want a lot more room than we initially suspected), and herbs — including 2 nice basil plants. So far we’ve only been able to use the herbs… everything else is still growing but I’m thinking positively.

Pretty soon — I’m thinking a matter of days — the cherry tree will be ready for “harvest”. I can’t take credit for it though… came with the house! Have a great cherry pie recipe? Let me know.

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