Home Slice Pizza

May 29, 2008

Meetings went late so dinner was pizza (with a good friend, *waves*) at Home Slice. We were adventurous and ordered the Black+Blue and Potato Pizzas. They were pretty great, so who cares if the potato put me in a carb coma (I rarely eat potato).

I’ll be honest and admit that as an ex-New Yorker I almost take offense to the “New York Style” claim. Home Slice’s crust is too thin. Yes, NY-style is thin-crust but not this thin and the toppings in NYC are not as “generous”. Regardless… Home Slice is a great pizza joint on it’s own accord and one of my fave pizzas in Toledo.

Tip: while in NYC, visit Lombardi’s (SOHO) and Grimaldi’s (DUMBO) for some of the best pizza… on the planet.

Home Slice Pizza | 28 S. Saint Clair St | (419) 724-7437

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