Post-Holiday BBQ

December 29, 2013

photo 1

Saturday afternoon found D. and I famished in the middle of running errands. It had been a while since we had BBQ and Mancy’s-owned Shorty’s was right around the corner.

photo 2

I had my heart/eyes/tummy set on a pulled pork sandwich. Memphis-style! That means covered in cole slaw. A side of fresh cut jalepenos? Why not. Live on the edge!

photo 3

It was a towering inferno of deliciousness! At some point I got up, walked through the dining room with my arms above the elbow raised (picture a surgeon walking into surgery), in order to clean up in the ladies room.┬áD. had an even larger mess with his order of ribs. All worth it… thanks to our pleasant waitress for supplying extra napkins, without having to be asked.

Pro tip: Get the mac+cheese for a side. It is really some of the best in the city.

Toledo is lucky to have so many great locally-owned BBQ joints… be it Shorty’s, Deets, City BBQ… am I missing any others?

Shorty’s BBQ | 5111 Monroe Street | (419) 841-9505