Happy Badger Brunch

January 5, 2013

This post is a long time coming, mostly because D. and I don’t get down to Bowling Green often. I’m happy to say we did so the other weekend with one goal in mind… a visit to the Happy Badger for brunch!

The Cohen siblings pulled out all the stops and served up a portabello-pesto egg scramble for D. (above) and an egg sandwich on a Zingerman’s croissant that I loved. The side of mixed greens with vinaigrette was very welcome. Ben and Sarah really know what they are doing and you can taste the care they put into each dish.

Speaking of Zingerman’s, The Happy Badger also sells a small selection of baked goods and bread from that famed Ann Arbor shop of yum. So I took the opportunity to walk away with a loaf of onion rye, one of my favorites.

Highly recommended. Take a road trip down to BG and enjoy the “cafe of deliciousness”.

The Happy Badger | 331 N. Main | Bowling Green, OH | (419) 352-0706