Pho Viet Nam

January 13, 2012

Once upon a time there was a Vietnamese restaurant on Airport Highway. It has been gone for a long time so when we heard about a new Vietnamese joint that opened on Upton we rushed to check it out.

Pho Viet Nam is fantastic! The story is they opened about a year ago as a soul food place. About a month ago they started adding Vietnamese dishes to the menu and have gotten rave reviews from friends and foodies in Toledo. On our first visit I asked if they served¬†banh mi (a wonderful sandwich I used to enjoy when living in NYC). They didn’t have it then… but on our next visit BAM! There it was on the menu. YUM.

You should really check this little gem out for yourselves. I’m looking forward to this Summer when we can take advantage of the sweet deck they have out front with tables.

Pho Viet Nam | 3636 Upton Avenue | (419) 720-2952