Quest For Fire @ TMA

March 29, 2010


Friday night was the Quest for Fire opening at The Toledo Museum of Art’s Community Gallery.


The show featured works from Toledo-area artists that reinterpreted art in the permanent collection of the museum. The above is based upon this piece of art.


The gallery was packed with guests enjoying the really fantastic show, curated by Jerry Gray of Bozarts Gallery (which I’ve posted about a couple times over the past year) and Kerry Krow.


It was great to see how local artists re-think and re-mix works from greats like Picasso and Rosenquist.


Mediums include painting, photography, sculpture and digital works. Many of the artists are exhibiting additional personal works for context, providing a glimpse of where they are coming from.


This show is up through May 2nd, so I highly suggest you check it out (if you weren’t one of the many in attendance this weekend) as a gentle reminder of how much talent this great city has to offer. Congrats to Jerry Gray, Kerry Krow, and The Museum staff for allowing this to happen.

The Toledo Museum of Art | FREE | 2445 Monroe Street | (419) 255-8000

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