The Toledo Market

September 20, 2009

D and I went to the Toledo Market today for an amazing lunch.
Here are D’s thoughts on the matter:


Stop the presses. The Toledo Market serves good food… really really good food. Living in Toledo, it’s hard not to be exposed to things like hummus and grape leaves, and with that there comes some complacency in accepting lower quality offerings. It takes going to a place like the Toledo Market to remind yourself what really great middle eastern food is all about.

J & I stopped by today, and decided on a veggie plate and a falafel wrap. We were so caught up in the food, no words were spoken until we finished eating. The grape leaves on the veggie plate were literally some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Even things like the hot sauce left on each table taste good… the tahini sauce was good, the hummos was good… everything was so good.


And to top it off, the staff genuinely want you to be happy. The guys behind the counter will bend over backwards to make sure you enjoy yourself but frankly it’s impossible not to. After you are finished eating, it’s fun to walk around the grocery store to pick up exotic snacks and sodas from around the world.


We’ve been to the Toledo Market many times before, but for some reason it’s usually not on our radar for a quick bite to eat. We’re going to change that, and work on becoming regulars.

Toledo Market | 3410 Dorr St | (419) 539-4262