Weekend on the Water

June 2, 2009

We spent quite a bit of this weekend on the water, thanks to our gracious hosts J. and A.


J. invited us out to enjoy Friday’s sunset as a double date with her beau A.


Enjoy the sunset is exactly what we did.


After dinner and some hijinks we slipped along back home.


We regained our land legs and went back out on Sunday, closing the weekend.


After learning of my “future” home plans, J. navigated us straight to The Toledo Lighthouse. We circled it a few times before moving on…


…moving on to West Sister Island. The word is this island’s for sale? Another rumor is Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse rests there? According to Wikipedia, it’s mostly bird droppings and poison ivy.


Good enough to anchor for lunch and some brief swimming!


D. beat me at backgammon. I’m convinced cheating occurred but sadly cannot prove it.


We later ended up at The Docks, where we bumped into and joined our friends S. and E. for dinner. More Toledo serendipity!


Dinner at Tango’s was great as was our final leg home. Toledo is beautiful at sunset. Our soundtrack for the weekend was the Talking Heads.

Toledo Habor Lighthouse | West Sister Island | Tango’s at The Docks (turn your computer speakers off)