An Artomatic 419! Saturday

April 20, 2009


This Saturday was the opening weekend for Artomatic 419! so we spent a good deal of the day at the building looking at the work, listening to performances, and catching up with friends.


This year’s Artomatic 419! location is in the old “Blade Printing Co.” building. This huge space is filled with photography, painting, sculpture and ceramics, along with art cars, performance art, sketch books and installations.


Works are hung salon-style on the walls (many of which were constructed by volunteers in previous weeks). At the end of the day aprox. 1,500 visitors walked through the doors–fantastic turnout! Don’t miss the next Two (2) Saturdays of FREE art and entertainment.


We took a break later in the day for a bite to eat at The Oliver House, next door. The restaurant was quite busy so we ended up sharing our table with E., and his friends P. + B.–which was nice because the conversation was great, as was the food. I ordered an absolutely delicious white pizza and these curious little fried balls of sauerkraut which were great to share with the table.

The night was capped off with cocktails at Wesley’s on the back patio. Happened into a reader that emailed last year, while she was still living in New York. And now she lives down the street in the Old West End. Small world!

In closing… Artomatic is great, the white pizza delish, and new friends wonderful.

Artomatic 419! | Two Saturdays remaining: April 25th and May 2nd

The Oliver House | 27 Broadway | (419) 241 – 1253

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