Missing Diva, file under “Flashback”

February 17, 2009

It’s been close to a year since the closing of Diva—what was once one of Downtown’s more swanky spots—and I was reminiscing this afternoon. Chef Erika Rapp made one of my most favorite dishes of all-time: acorn squash stuffed with winter root veggies and a buerre blanc. Any event catered by Chef Erika was always a delicious delight (the scallop dish above and soup below were enjoyed at a luncheon for Warhol-hanger-on, Richard Weisman in ’07).

Diva was perfect for lunch meetings, a post-work cocktail, romantic for-twos, and lively late night dinners with friends. The upstairs hosted more than it’s share of independant art exhibits and intimate music performances… positioning Diva as more than just a hip eatery. I’ll continue to miss it.