A weekend with Dr. Reed

July 21, 2008

Dinner at Manos’ kicked off our weekend. One of my favorite dishes is the baked feta… typing this is making me hungry.

The opening of Ottawa Tavern has been pushed back a week (thanks to Manos for letting us know), so after a short moment at Space 237 for their opening we drove straight to Frankie’s to see Sinker (above).

We chatted with friends over Dr. Reed’s. What’s a Dr. Reed? you ask… PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) + Ice + Lime + Straw.

Not Miller High Life.

Not lemon.

PBR, Ice, Lime, Straw. Period. It’s the drink of the summer, courtesy of D’s co-worker Harper.

Friday ended with the first ever show by the Secret Swords [2 parts Stylex + 1 part Shuttlecock = Secret Swords]. Keep your ears peeled.

Manos | 1701 Adams Street | (419) 244-4479

Sinker | myspace.com/sinkersinker

Secret Swords | myspace.com/secretswordsmusic

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